Plan Specifications:

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General Description: Introducing Plan Code ZH-17, an exceptional 4-bedroom house plan that boasts a unique shape and style. With a total area of 190 square meters, this home is perfectly suited for a 350-square-meter stand (14m x 25m).

One of the key features of this design is the closed space lounge-dining-Kitchen layout, which offers additional privacy and is perfect for formal gatherings or events where multiple activities are taking place. Additionally, this plan includes a separate TV room, providing a comfortable space for entertainment and relaxation [ChatGPT give me advantages of having a separate TV room].

Rooms: This house plan comes complete with four spacious bedrooms, including a main bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. The lounge, dining, and kitchen areas flow seamlessly together, creating an inviting and functional living space. There is also a water closet and a separate bathroom for added convenience.

Unique Features: One of the standout features of this plan is the fairly large pantry and scullery section located adjacent to the kitchen. This practical addition to the layout provides ample storage space, as well as a separate area for food preparation and clean-up.

In conclusion, Plan Code ZH-17 is a well-designed and spacious home that offers the perfect balance of privacy and functionality. With a unique layout and practical features such as the separate TV room and pantry/scullery section, this house plan is sure to impress.



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